Phoenix 15 Studios

Founded by Gene and Frances Davis in 2018. We’re a local company providing on-site and mobile arts, crafts, and entertainment activities for all ages. Our goal is to provide a positive and productive environment where EVERYONE can see, listen, learn, and love everything about art, music, photography, and video.

Phoenix 15 Studios: 2019 and Beyond

Hello everyone! We’ve made it through our first year in business and had some great successes along the way. We’re excited to see what this year brings! We’ve also made the recent decision to relocate from Palmyra to a shared space in Pennsauken, NJ about 4 miles from our old location in Palmyra. The Sunbeam Tutoring and Learning Center owned by Pennsauken resident and long time Pennsauken Daycare owner Pam Davis-Diggs has welcomed us into her space, and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s a move that brings our business that much closer to the community we’ve been in since 1989, and we look forward to making new fans of the Phoenix 15 experience in Pennsuaken that and join in and network with our current customer base. This is a big step forward for us and we hope to see everyone at our next events starting in early October. We’re now taking reservations for private events in October and beyond. All of our contact info is unchanged and we can be reached via email, social media, and our business phone number. We hope to see you all soon!!!!!!