Phoenix 15 Studios

Founded by Gene and Frances Davis in 2018. We’re a local company providing on-site and mobile arts, crafts, and entertainment activities for all ages. Our goal is to provide a positive and productive environment where EVERYONE can see, listen, learn, and love everything about art, music, photography, and video.

New Partnerships for Phoenix 15 Studios!

Our goal when we originally conceived Phoenix 15 Studios was to open a space where artists of all walks and disciplines could come and grow their respective brands as well as grow as individuals without money and politics being at the forefront of every single venture. We support driven individuals with common goals and drives and will put our full effort behind you, if your full effort is behind your dream. With all that said we just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know more about our most recent partnerships.

Physique Fitness


Sherman "Boo" Diggs III is a man on a mission. Your Mission. If you have goals for weight loss, healthier diet, sculpting parts of your body to get the look you want, or just looking to stay fit...he has a plan and the drive to motivate you to your goals! He's based in Merchantville, NJ, but as gone as far as Tampa to instruct workout Boot Camps and spread his brand of fitness up and down the eastern sea board. Who's next? 


PUURsonal Cat Lounge

Are you aware that there is a place in South Jersey where you can come sit and relax, sip on tea/coffee, and read......surrounded by felines? There is...and its in Palmyra! Cats without homes our housed and really cared for by Lori and Dan while they wait for loungers to come and bond with them and hopefully take one or two with them to a good permanent home. It's a great concept and a wonderful way to introduce yourself to your future roommate! If you're of the mind to adopt a cat, please consider visiting their place first. Its an awesome experience!