Phoenix 15 Studios

Founded by Gene and Frances Davis in 2018. We’re an open concept center for everything artistic and entertaining. Our goal is to provide a a positive and productive environment where EVERYONE can see, listen, learn, and love everything about art, music, photography, and video.

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Artist/Vendor Meet & Greet 11/11/18 2pm

  • Phoenix 15 Studios 100 E Broad Street Palmyra, Nj 08065 (map)

We’re meeting for Phoenix 15 Studios “Phoenix Rising” exhibit and “Phoenix Flea Market” being held on December 15th and December 22nd. Please contact us for info. All registration fee’s and art work will be due by this day and can be paid in advance on our site. Vendors may register on line. We’d like to have everyone present, but vendors do not need to come to this meeting. Artists are MANDATORY and will not be permitted to exhibit in this event if you’re not present at this meeting.